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With uniq-wall operable partitions we believe that there should be no limits to the spaces you can create and we believe that clients should have the freedom to choose.

Uniq-wall operable partitions are designed to be customized to compliment any application and performance requirements while creating visually and acoustical dynamic spaces.

Choose from glass, solid, semi- or fully-automated wall systems designed with infinite potential to maximize your space.


AQUA - sliding glass doors system

[soli]tude - solid moveable walls system

iwall - Intelligent operable partitions system 

Wave - floor supported operable partition

Moveable Walls Operable Partitions Sliding Glass Doors


We believe natural light equals happiness

By creating distinct but open areas we can give a sense of definition and differentiation to spaces without affecting the 'open plan' feel of a space and without restricting light and lines of site and still allow for privacy.   With Aqua, natural light can be shared amongst everyone!

AQUA is a sliding glass doors/panel system composed of independently  glazed panels, which glide smoothly on rollers along a top-hung aluminum rail without the need for a floor track.


• Sound insulation up to 45 STC as standard on double-glazed walls 

• Double-glazed panels use 6mm clear tempered safety glass 

• No floor track: panels are hung by use of single or twin point suspension  systems

• Electronic seal by key-switch or quick-set standard operable partitions

Glass operable partition with custom coloured frame.

Glass operable partition with custom coloured frame.

We believe in enhancing the customer experience

 To have privacy or not to have......

Aqua with switch glass answers this dilemma.  Within seconds, you can change the way you use your space.    Switch glass panels allows the operable partitions to change from from transparent to opaque, offering:

  • Privacy
  • Flexibility
  • Energy efficiency

When there is a need for privacy, we believe that you should have the right to choose!


Dynamic management of space


  [soli]tude moveable walls were developed to optimize areas where space is at a premium. The walls glide smoothly on rollers along a top-hung aluminum rail without the need of a floor track.

Easy to maneuver

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[soli]tude operable partitions allows for ease of operation and multi-directional track and stacking systems for flexibility.  

Creating space within space

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Moveable walls with flush, matching

pass doors that can accommodate and customize any spatial conditions.  


iwall - fully automated moveable walls

iwall intelligent moveable walls are designed for smooth operation and precision control allowing you to seamlessly expand or divide any space with the touch of a button. All seals are electronically actuated and panels glide easily along a 2-point trolley system on a track made of anodized aluminum. The moveable walls allows for multiple track design without the need for floor tracks. 


Each panel is driven electronically and contains a wireless control unit that guarantees ease of operation and an uninterrupted and safe electrical flow between each panel. The speed of closure and configuration of the moveable walls can be programmed. Manual operation in the event of a power outage. 

 · iwall is an acoustically-rated wall system (42-54 STC)

· Seals are flexible, allowing for variations in floor and ceiling height 

· Available as doubled glazed, solid panels or combination of both

· Doors are equipped with a pressure seal at the bottom, which extends 

automatically during the closing action of the door

· Limitless finishes including wood veneers, PLAM, marker board, specialty steel and many more

· Fixed telescopic panel ensures complete system closure of the operable partitions

[soli]tude: iwall - intelligent wall system

iwall, moveable walls, is a fully-automated intelligent operable partitions system with the ability to move along a predefined path to provide space division quickly and effortlessly. 


AQUA: iwall - intelligent wall system

iwall - glass walls in motion.  With just the turn of a key, the panels automatically and intelligently set and seal themselves into place.  How easy is that! 

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The Wave operable partitions concept was designed and developed as an answer to

architectural challenges when overhead support and/or load restrictions are a factor. In response to these challenges, our team developed an aesthetic solution in the form of floor supported moveable walls. Our discreet aluminum frame incorporates invisible hinges and a discreet aluminum frame. Available in a wide range of surface finish options and panel configurations, the Wave system is a quick and easy to operate high performance acoustic partition that resolves critical construction



  • Invisible hinges
  • Availabe in glass, solid or combination
  • Fully customizable finishes
  • Telescopic rail
  • Floor mounted track

Wave Features

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 The Wave moveable walls system is designed with two ceiling rails, to accommodate the manual telescopic system, allowing for floor and ceiling variations. 

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Floor supported moveable walls system provides flexible solutions particularly where there is no overhead structural support or load restrictions. The floor rail system is designed to carry 100% load of the operable partitions.  The floor track and trolleys provide efffort-less movement of each of the panels in and out of the open and closed position.

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  Hidden hinges create seamless panel to panel connections, achieving high design aesthetics and integration of the operable partitions into any architectural interior space.  It is so seamless that the partition simply blends into its surroundings.  


Solid, Glass or Combination

Wave moveable walls panels are customizable to meet the imagination and creative design intent of any architectural space.   Endless choices  of finishes from wood veneers, HPL's, back painted glass to specialty steel faces.  Glass and solid panels can be combined together to create unique spaces.

Wave In Motion

Wave moves effortlessly and locks into place with minimal time and effort.  See for yourself!

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